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We are committed to providing our clients with standardized, professional and competitive commercial legal services, based on our understanding of the traditional lawyer industry and insight into legal service market, driven by clients’ demands and legal technology, and proceeding from the clients’ demand scenarios.


To provide clients with professional legal services to solve their problems


To become a leading elite commercial law firm in China


Inclusiveness, collaboration and sharing, living up to the expectations of clients

Our office is located in the CBD on Nanjing West Road, a core landmark of Shanghai. We have nearly a hundred practicing lawyers, most of whom graduated from famous universities, law firms and Fortune 500 companies, with a profound professional foundation and rich practical experience.

Our professional services cover employment law, dispute settlement, equity and financing, corporate compliance, intellectual property rights, foreign-related law and civil and criminal affairs and other areas.

Our industrial cases include but are not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, real estate and construction, retail circulation, FMCG, information technology, digital entertainment and financial and insurance sectors.

We are providing services in multiple languages such as English, French, Japanese and Korean.




Professional lawyers


Successful cases


Renowned clients

Our Culture

Responsibility for clients

We see our clients as our partners, keep learning from them, try to understand the underlying logic of their demands for legal services. We deeply learn about their values and try to develop our ability in professional service and crisis handling based on our understanding and teamwork spirit. We see our clients as equal, and design products suitable for them. We observe the rule of controllable budget, provide active services and bring more values to our clients. We are committed to promoting our relationship with clients and going from price to value.

Pursuit of professionalism

We will continue to make more extensive efforts in law and commerce and work harder in specific fields. We will be inclusive and wide-covering to consolidate our advantages and constantly live up to the expectations of our clients. We will promote the integrated management model, develop and stick to uniform legal service standards, establish an effective, timely and detailed digital client service system. Lawyers from different professions and fields divide the labor and work together to ensure that the law firm can devote its best resources and most professional service team to provide the clients with legal solutions.

Responsibility for employees

We’ve established and developed our outlook on talents and training system. We attach great importance to development of the lawyers’ practicing ability and professional quality. Other than practical experience, morality and values are the basic premise for us in selecting and cultivating lawyers and partners. In terms of resources and system, we also encourage and support talents from different education backgrounds and with working experience such as commercial, fiscal and tax law to work and grow together.

Responsibility for society

We deeply understand the social significance and value of law as a means to fix and govern social relations, so we pay more attention than ever to the social responsibility to be assumed by a law firm and shall never shirk responsibility in public benefit, whether in providing legal aid service, popularizing the laws, or providing assistance and support for specific groups.

Together, we will inspire infinite creativity

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