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Boguan Program

We help outstanding young independent practicing lawyers and provide them with special case support programs.

Our special resources and special training programs include:

A pay of RMB 20,000 and more each month in the first-sixth month after joining the company, and public case support with a commission rate of 35%
24 or more public case opportunities each year after an employee has joined the company for six months
Shared office cubicles to save the corresponding fee
Providing one-to-one tutoring program
We regularly hold special training, classical case discussion, reading sharing and other activities
You can join different law boards according to your specialty and interest

Ruida Program

We are helping senior practicing lawyers to carry out more business and provide special resource support program for the accurate development of enterprise clients.

Our special resources and special training programs include:

Accurately organizing more than four client salon events each year
Recommending four or more enterprise clients’ cases each year
Fixed case support
Assisting in the establishment of teams
Building the IP of lawyers in all aspects

Ever-growing Program

We are helping lawyers to widen their case channels, growing with the lawyers and providing them with more opportunities to discuss and handle the cases and developing on-duty lawyer plans.

Our special resources and special training programs include:

Four opportunities in the duty month, and half day of case discussion every week
Discussing and handling the cases alone with a high commission rate
Senior lawyers will accompany and assist the case discussion to increase the success rate
Organizing the training of case discussion skills to review and share the cases and enable the lawyers to grow quickly

Together, we will inspire infinite creativity

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