Scientific Empowering

As a believer and pioneer in scientific innovation,

we’ve independently developed a number of legal technology service products and realized digitization and visualization of organizational management, communication and collaboration, the inter-connection flow and results with clients.

It turns Botuo Law Firm into a perfect combination of a real law firm with trust and affection and a cloud-end law firm with agility, quality and efficiency.

Internally, we use the remote digital collaboration system InnoLaw to realize digitization in the whole process of case management.

Externally, we use the cloud-end legal affairs digital system MagicLaw to realize digitization of personnel compliance in the whole process.

Digital law firm’s collaboration system

InnoLaw system is committed to improving the law firm team’s remote collaboration ability with science and technology, assisting the lawyer teams in performing digital management analysis, fully improving their professionalism and service performance and realizing intelligent management of the law firm.

Intelligent legal affairs system of the enterprise

MagicLaw system helps the enterprise build a “cloud-end legal affairs department” through a complete set of system, gradually perfects the system, solidifies the management foundation and offers one-key contact for dedicated legal affairs, and dissolves risks for the enterprise in time.

Blockchain performance points and dynamic equity system

ChainLaw system embeds the blockchain technology into the underlying layer of InnoLaw, which can realize multi-dimension analysis and measurement of the lawyers’ work progress and tasks, real-time counting of the lawyers’ workload with dynamic algorithms, visual analysis and display of their performance points and contribution points and finish their performance appraisal.

Together, we will inspire infinite creativity

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