Nine Professional Fields

Criminal law

Criminal legal affairs

Criminal-civil crossing legal affairs

Corporation law

Corporate compliance

Equity and investment and financing

Commercial disputes

M&A and restructuring

Data security

Civil and commercial laws

Folk lending  |  marriage and family affairs  |  execution and bankruptcy

Transportation  |  financial lease  |  logistics supply chain

Wealth inheritance  |  block chain  |  network information security

Medical care and health  |  labor and social security

Real estate and construction engineering laws

Real estate

Construction engineering

Financial and capital market laws

Fiscal and tax


Venture capital and private equity

Finance and securities

Non-performing assets


International and regional laws

Overseas investment

Foreign investment

Maritime affairs

International trade

Customs inspection

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

Administrative laws

Administrative legal affairs

Government and public affairs

Entertainment and sports laws



Special Services

In addition to the traditional litigation business and consulting services, we can provide customized and forward-looking special legal services based on our customers’ scenarios and needs to help our customers achieve greater business goals.

Special legal services

Legal due diligence
Equity structure construction and equity incentive design
Legal support for investment and financing
Legal support for equity trading and asset transaction
Corporate tax compliance and planning
Enterprise labor and personnel system planning
Design of enterprise data compliance system
Enterprise intellectual property rights protection mechanism
Enterprise internal anti-fraud compliance investigation
Legal support for overseas investment

Permanent legal counsel services

Lawyer’s letter
Preparation and management of the contract texts
Contract review and risk assessment
Legal support for business negotiation
Internal compliance training
Regular interview and return visits

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