In July 2013, Botuo Law Firm was established in Shanghai.

“Wide-covering and inclusive, success originates from accumulated strength” is how the company got its name and the value observed by all people of Botuo.

We’ve gone through ups and downs all the way for eight years.

According to traditional Chinese culture, the growth cycle of men is eight years. That’s to say, men will grow and change once every eight years. If the law firm were compared to a man, eight years is enough for it to change completely.

Botuo law firm has grown into an adult.

In the book “Principles”, the author Ray Dalio writes, “An institution is like a machine, mainly composed of two parts, namely culture and people”.

We will stay straight in the favorable environment.

We’re convinced that under the influence of integrity and kindness culture, our lawyers will surely be worth your trust and live up to your expectations.

We’re grateful for our clients who have stayed with us all the way and our lawyers who have worked hard all the time. In the new growth cycle, we will work hard to repay your favor.

We will forge ahead without retreat.

The next eight years,

We’re coming!

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